Monday, October 11, 2010

He loves me ...

I have to say that I am feeling very loved and totally spoilt today. When the boys and I arrived home from school and swimming training, this is what was waiting for me in my office:

A brand new iPod classic AND a bunch of flowers. And for what reason??? Birthday? Nope - been there done that already this year. Wedding anniversary??? Nope - be there done that already this year. Other special date??? Nope - have never done that sort of stuff, probably never will.
They arrived on my desk for two reasons:
1) I put my trusty, faithful iPod Nano through the wash on Friday night - not once BUT TWICE (running away in shame now - I mean who puts an iPod through the wash once let alone twice???!!!).
2) Tony thought I might need a bit of cheering up because I have been sad and upset lately.
I feel very spoilt. I planned on just getting another Nano - really don't have the need for a wiz-big iPod because all I use it for is listening to music but Tony said he saw this and liked it so who am I to complain hehehehe. 160GB - lots of room to put some movies onto for when I am going to the States later in the year - gotta do something to fill in the long plane flight. Just between you and me (please don't tell him) I actually went and got one of the new generation iPod Nanos this afternoon (whoops lol). Now have to work out what to do with it lol
And then there is the flowers - gerberas are my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE of all time. Although fuschia pink is my favourite gerbera colour, I NEVER say no to geberas.

I have to say that for all the rough patches we have faced over the years and for the little arguments etc we have had, I don't regret (well 95% of the time anyway) making the decision to marry Tony all those years ago. Sure life gets in the way and it absorbs us but after all this time, I cannot image NOT having Tony in my life.
Nothing else to report, looks like it is another busy week ahead - but feels like that every week doesn't it???
Until next time,
S xoxoxoxo


D's Paper Studio said...

He's a keeper!

A Soldier Girl said...

Definitely worth blogging about .. now get outta here and go and sex that man up

Anonymous said...

what a lovely surprise... and flick the other ipod on Ebay ... no-one will ever know.. or put it in the Christmas box for someone LOL

Marlene said... sweet!!! Definitely a keeper!

Kathy Marie said...

aww what a sweetie! the flowers r beautiful!!! enjoy ur new ipod.

Tracy said...

What a sweetie. Lucky you.

Karen said...

Sounds like you have a keeper on your hands! What a sweetie! Hope your feeling better.