Monday, December 13, 2010

An Aussie Summer Christmas

The weather here yesterday was HOT HOT HOT. This was a pleasant change for us as we have had nothing but grey skies and rain for the last few weeks. Now being a farmer's wife, I would not normally complain about rain but even this wifey has to say enough is enough. We have already lost some paddocks of crops twice due to minor flood and water damage and the rest of it, particularly the cotton, is struggling to grow in the cooler conditions. Here's hoping we have a few more weeks of 35 degree C days with no rain - lol not looking likely though.
All that being said, I had to make the most of the sunny weather and get some Christmas photos. The only problem was that two little men were not interested in getting their photos taken at all - all they wanted to do was swim in the pool. So what was a girl to do? Fight and nag and whinge and whine until I got what I wanted (keeping in mind that I am the adult in this situation lol) or just come up with Plan B?
Well Plan B is what I did. Nothing like adding an Aussie Summer touch to Christmas IMO:

Pretty clever thinking on my part, even if I do say so myself. I have to say that I totally LOVE the last photo of Lachlan, a very cute Santa indeed. Now all I have to do is scrap some of the pictures lol.

p.s. Are you as shocked as I am that I have blogged twice in the same day???!!!!!! hehehehe


Steph said...

Cute pictures! Would love to have a warm Christmas.

Tracy said...

Love the top two photos :)

I wish I could be swimming right now. But we have about 2ft of snow and its -32C here today.
I would love to have your weather. For a Canadian girl, I am disliking this cold weather. The older I get the more I dislike it.

I should have taken hubby up on a trip to Australia. Silly me.

Sharla said...

Cute pics! love the santa hats! How crazy to be swimming at Christmas's way too cold here to even think about it!

donna said...

awesome photos Sarah!
I cant wait to see what you do with them!
Donna xx