Monday, September 10, 2012

Savvy Cyber Crop Part Two

... back again with more shares from Savvy's Cybercrop.  Next on the list to share is Sara's Colour Challege.  In this challenge we had to use white/cream, green, turquoise/aqua blue, yellow (or at least, that is how I interpreted the colours lol).  Here is what I came up with:
Next was Kerryn's Puzzle Challenge.  With this challenge we had to use at least 5 of the 7 challenge pieces - star, circle, banner, square, splotches, arrow, exclamation mark -  Kerryn gave us.  In the end I am fairly sure I used all 7 pieces as well as an unusual colour combination for me - orange and brown ;)
Love this photo of Lachie, our little farmer boy 
 Some Greatest View goodness layered over a crochet doily
Last, but not least, was Sar's Blind Scrap Challenge.  With this challenge Sar gives us a set of instructions and we create the layout from that.  A few days later, she reveals her original layout so we can compare it to our own. I always manage to misinterpret things lol
 Some Purple Pumpkin and October Afternoon ;)
Phew, that is all for now for the Savvy shares.  Hope to get some more challenges done before the month ends.
Take care.
S xoxo

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