Sunday, November 11, 2012

Out of action

After several years of deterioration and almost 12 months of constant pain and limited movement in my right shoulder, I did the inevitable and had surgery on Friday. This is the second full day post surgery and I am struggling with pain. On the upside however, the pain doesn't feel quite as bad  as the pain per-surgery so onwards and upwards from here.  I think I will be out of action scrap wise for a few weeks depending on how long it takes to 'wean' off the sling and how the pain and movement if progressing.
Looks like lots of blog surfing and pinning for me lol.
S xoxoxo


donna said...

It won't be long and you'll be back into it!! It will be good physical therapy for you...

Willis Peyton said...

Welcome back...and continue sharing such good posts as you already done..
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