Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching Up

Now that exams and report card writing is out of the way for another semester, I have finally found time to update my very neglected blog. The last month has been filled with a mountain of marking, report card writing, a caravan trip and getting re-settled into another semester of school. In all of the business, I found snippets of time to scrap which means that I have a bit of show and tell. There are too many to share in one layout, so forgive me for inundating your blog feed this week ;)
Layout One: Spending Time with You
It's no secret that the boys love spending time with Tony around the farm. Between school work and their various sporting activities, they don't get to spend much time with him during the school week, but as soon as weekend sport is done they are out the door quicker than anything. I love the bond the three of them have.
Layout Two: So Happy Together
Lachie is going through a 'I want to be just like Daddy' phase at the moment - well if truth be told, both boys want to be just like their father. I don't think there is any doubt that both of them will end up farming in some shape of form in the future.
Layout Three: Adorable You
I will be honest with you, I am not totally happy with this layout as it didn't turn out like I imagined it. Not to worry though, that happens sometimes.
Ok, that is the first lot of shares done. I will be back again soon.
Have a great day,
S xoxo

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