Sunday, November 17, 2013

Every new beginning ...

... comes from some other beginning's end.
Truer words have never been spoken in recent weeks.  The past six weeks have been filled with many moments reminiscing about events from the past five years as the Year 12's and I counted down the end of their schooling years. For those of you who don't know, I am a high school teacher and for the past five years I have been privileged enough to have been the Year Level Coordinator to the greatest group of students. It is almost impossible to sum up what the role of a Year Level Coordinator is but picture a mentor, disciplinarian, psychologist, career counsellor, tutor, nagging parent and so much more, all rolled into one person. Last Friday saw our last day together as students and Coordinator. While I am very sad to see 'my babies' (as I have lovingly called them over the years) leave the nest, I am very excited to see them make their way out there in the big, wide world.
Saying goodbye to these guys has been the main reason for my recent absence. Between getting my sister married off to one of the most awesome men in the world, the usual craziness of work, daily swimming training and weekend carnivals with the boys, and getting ready to farewell the babies, there has been limited scrapping time and zero time to blog. The only scrapping I have managed was a few quick layouts just after the wedding and a day spent with Heidi Swapp and Kim Jeffress when I should have been doing school work -but more on that later.
Layout One: The Magnificent Seven (in reference to my nieces and nephews)
Layout Two: Fancy Threads (Lachie dressed up in his new shirt for the wedding) 
Layout Three: Let's Celebrate (Me with my sisters Jo and Sonia just before the wedding) 
Layout Four: My Handsome Guys (Tony, Mitchell and Lachie the day of the wedding. You can't half tell they are country boys lol) 
That's it from me for now. I think I am going to spend what is left of the weekend trying to work out what to do at school tomorrow without my babies - it is going to feel strange that's for sure.
Have a great week whatever it is you are doing.
Take care
S xoxo

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