Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jot Magazine Issue 7 - Storytelling

One of the themes in the latest issue of Jot Magazine was telling the story behind your favourite childhood TV show.  For most of my childhood, we had two television channels - the ABC and 10-4-5A (which I think is now the 9/WIN network) and a television set where you had to push buttons to change the channels - yep no fancy, fang-dangle remotes for us, just three kids racing across the lounge room to be first to change the channels. 
While one of my favourite TV shows as a child was Mr Squiggle, what I remember most from my childhood are these races and the fights we had to decide who could sit closest to the tv so we could change channels with our feet. I decided to combine both stories and created this layout which is featured on page 87 of the magazine.
And some closeups: 

What was your favourite childhood TV Show? Go on, find a picture online and get that memory in your scrapbook for your grandchildren to laugh over one day ;)
Cheers for now,
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Maria said...

Ooohhh yes I remember Mr Squiggle. Great layout