Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Getting Inkie with it

Sleep is something which eludes me at times. Usually this happens during stressful periods of time at work - report-writing time, exam block or a huge -to-do list that never seems to get any shorter. When I can't sleep, one thing that I love to do is check out scrapbooking process videos on YouTube. About four months ago, I discovered the channel of Australian Scrapbooker Adele Toomey, aka Inkie Quill. I fell in love with her work instantly and spent the next few nights watching all of her YouTube scrapbooking videos and checking out her blog. She has other channels devoted to art journalling and planners, but I tend to only watch the scrapbooking ones.
Recently, Adele held a live scrap stream on her channel - OMG 12+ hours of Inkie Quill goodness = BLISS. I am not sure what my husband and the boys thought of my constant giggling throughout the day. It was like being on retreat but in my own house. I scrapped along with Adele and created these layouts.
Layout 1: 5 & Seven - finally getting around to scrapping the annual back-to-school photo from 2015 just in time for the 2016 photo.

Layout 2: 2016 Creed. The quote came up on my Pinterest feed and it perfectly sums up how I would like to live this year.

Layout 3: My Main Squeeze - a 'just because layout' using up a pile of scraps.
Layout 4: This Watch. During Adele's stream, the topic of scrapping the difficult moments was discussed. Too often, our scrapbooks are filled with moments and memories of happy times but life is real, life is tough, sometimes bad stuff happens. This was the basis of the discussion - whether or not the 'bad stuff' has a place in our albums. I think they do - they can help change our perspective on situations, help us see the silver lining when things aren't going so well, as well as being cathartic in the sense that we can get things off our chests instead of bottling them up. Last year, our house was broken into and all of my jewellery was stolen, including a watch that was my mother's. It held so much sentimental value which can never be replaced. I used this layout as a way of reminding myself that while the watch may be gone, all that it means can never be taken from me.
That's it for now. Scrapping has taken a back seat over the last few days as I have been getting ready for the start of another school year.
Thanks for stopping by.
S xoxo

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Maria said...

Nothing better than a good giggle - and great layouts too. Off to check out Inkie Quill.