Friday, March 27, 2009

Bitten by the gastro bug

Yep you read right - I have had some sort of virus thing happening here the last two days. Not sure whether it was all the mud I swallowed doing the Kokoda Track on camp (see post below for pics) or if I have finally succumbed to the virus that has been hanging around town for a while but yeah either way, it ain't pleasant.

I came home from work early yesterday and brought the boys with me because I wasn't sure if i would be capable of driving later in the day or if Tony would be home to pick them up for me. Lucky for me the boys were brilliant little men for their mummy. I put a movie on, gave them lunch and promptly fell asleep for the next few hours (I know - my bad) and they just left me be. When I finally woke up, it was to sceams, squeals and giggles and the sound of feet in water. I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves:
Yep they are farm boys alright - they have no shame and think nothing of stripping off for all the world to see and just getting down and dirty in the mud. They were having such a great time and made a point of letting me rest - I just didn't have the heart to get mad at them for messing up the lawn. Hehe but I did get my revenge when I hosed them off before coming inside - gotta love that cold water hehehehe.
Today I was still feeling a bit under the weather so I took the boys into school and daycare and came home for a nice peaceful and relaxing day. I was over the whole being in bed thing so I decided to have a go at scrapping. Here are two of the efforts from today, the third is still waiting for a decent pic but that will have to wait until tomorrow:
In this LO, I have used the new dotty Bazzill and Fancy Pants Rubons. Must say I am liking it a lot - love running my fingers over it - such a great texture. I am somewhat disappointed in my American Crafts Thickers though - the reverse side of the sheet was a totally different shade to the front side - hence the two colours - not a happy camper and still waiting for a reply to my email about this.
For this next LO, I was inspired by something I have had saved in my inspiration folder for ages and ages. Seemed like this pic of Mitch in the header earlier in the month was just perfect:
Not sure if I will be back tomorrow with a pic of the third LO - supposed to be attending a memorial service for a student from my Yr 12 English class last year who was killed in a car crash last Friday afternoon and then Tony wants to take the boys into the Toowoomba Show for a look.
RIP Kathryn
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
love me xoxoxo

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