Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farewell to another weekend

Yet another week has passed and again, I find myself wondering where on earth the week got to. It is hard to believe we are just days away from April which means three big things in our household - 1) a hopping visit from the bunny rabbit [which hopefully includes a hopping visit from H-er and family], 2) my mum's birthday and last but by no means least number 3) our wedding anniversary - 10 years this year. OMG cannot believe it has been almost 10 years but I will leave that until the big day. Lol have to think of reasons to keep getting you to come and visit - who knows, maybe I might even scan a pic or two from the day :o
Had a very quiet weekend - feeling heaps better and think I am all over the vege bug (as Lachlan calls gastro). We took the boys into the Toowoomba Show yesterday - should have gone Friday but with me being sick it would have just been the boys and daddy. They had a great time so that is all that matters.
Finally got around to taking pics of the third LO I did on Friday - the LO was a challenge set by my beautiful, gorgeous, talented friend Beck and this is what I came up with:
Spent some of the day working on this - in between washing, refereeing fights and doing taxi runs up to the tractor:
Somehow I think that I am going to have no end of trouble trying to convince this boy to do anything apart from farming. He really is his father's son in that respect - can tell you everything that is going on around the farm, knows the names for most of the implements and even can point out what machinery has GPS and which ones don't - and that is all without even going inside them lol. Oh well, there could be worse things in life for him to do.
Anyway, promised the three men a roast for dinner so I had best go finish it off. Until next time,
mwah mwah
me xoxoxo

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