Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday Fun ...

The school holidays are finally here and phew thank goodness for that - they couldn't arrive quick enough. The last three months have been nightmarish to say the least -
  • three bouts of chicken pox,
  • the normal winter colds,
  • one badly infected lymph gland - suspected abscess - lots of visits to the local hospital and usual GP at all hours (still undergoing medical observations for that one but has already meant one painful ultrasound to the neck while the infection was badly inflamed as well as three extra long courses of antibiotics),
  • one head knock which required seven stitches
  • not to mention both Tony and I working full-time minus any family support as we have no direct/close family nearby - closest lot are two hours away.

But all of that can almost be forgotten now that school holidays are here - no routines to follow, no mad rush each morning to get out the door to do the school and day-care run before facing all the dramas that are supposedly a 'normal' part of the life of a high-school teacher.

I am totally loving the break these holidays have brought. My sister is home (staying at my parents place) for the first time since Easter but these holidays will be the first time I have seen her since January- the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other - lol Telstra might go broke in the next two weeks because they won't be making quite so much money from our marathon phone calls hehe hehe. We have also been lucky enough to have a very special family call in for a few days this week - Heather and family are here yay cheer yay cheer!!! The weather has been boiling hot so that means the pool has been getting a fair workout and with just over 6000 acres on the farm, there is lots of exploring for the kids to do on their bikes. Of course, what is a visit from Heather without some scrapping involved. I feel like I am on a scrapping roll - so far I have completed 4 single LO's and 1 double LO - not bad considering all the interruptions for photo opportunities, supervising the younger kids in the pool, feeding the hungry herds at meal times and, of course lots of chatting and net surfing with Heather.

Haven't taken any pics of the LO yet but will do in the morning when the sun comes up. Will also have a go at putting up a few picks of the kids' holiday adventures.

Ciao for now,

Me xoxoxoxoxoxo

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