Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh what a Time ...

hehe doesn't that just bring Frankie Valli's song into your head with that title??? No??? Well it does for me.
And what a time it was. I have had the BIGGEST few weeks of my life and in one word it was AWESOME. Where on earth do I start???
I guess the beginning is the best place. Rewind about a week ago and a very special visitor arrived on my doorstep - the one and only Beck (bout time you updated your blog too hey honey hehehehehe???!!!) came to stay and play for a little while. OMG we had the best time. We might not have set any world records with our scrapping (although Beck managed to pump out more LO's than I did) but man did we have a great time just sitting around scrapping and chatting the days (and nights) away. We hit Toowoomba to check out the local scrap scene and then on Friday we hit Brisbane with a vengence - let's just say the shops, or our bank balances will never be the same for a VERY long time hehehe. We were lucky enough to be joined by two of Beck's friends from back home as well. My sides are still recovering from all the laughing. Despite the big day on Friday, we were up early to head to Misitfied with one of my all time favourite scrapping heroines, Heidi Swapp. And yes, while those of you who know me joke frequently at the fact I am some-what of a Heidi junkie, I just want to say to all the naysayers out there, you cannot fake emotion like that. What she said when introducing the House of 3 class will stick with me to the day I die and in case you were still wondering about the authenticity of her words, let me just say, there was barely a dry eye in the house. Proof enough for me that you cannot fake emotion like that.
I am still going through all the pics taken at Heidi so I am going to leave you with pictures of the layouts I created while Beck was here. Sniff sniff, wish she was still here, I miss her so much.

Will be back in the next day or so with Heidi (yippee) pics and finally the giveaway as promised.
Thanks for stopping by.
Me xoxoxoxo

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