Monday, July 19, 2010

Stopping to pick my chin up off the floor

Guess what I found waiting for me in the mail box this afternoon??!!
Ok so it isn't exactly a layout in a magazine but to me it is the next best thing - my name being among the 'Standout Readers' in the latest edition of Creating Keepsakes manazine. There is is - second column, third name down. YAY that's lil ol' me - Sarah Hemmings.

I tell ya, talk about an awesome boost after a few less than perfect 24hrs. I think I am having scrapping withdrawals. I started back at work last week after 3 1/2 months long service leave and I have hit the ground running. I was hoping for a smooth re-entry back into teaching but no, that would be asking too much. I have done nothing but clean up mess after mess, disaster after disaster and literally spent all of last week chasing my tail. I think I have corrected all the errors and have put things right again so hopefully things will settle down so I can try and get a little bit of creating done here and there.

Hopefully next time you stop by, there will be some creating.

me xoxo


Deborah said...

That's very cool! Congrats!

Tracy said...

This is exciting :)

Karen said...

That is totally awesome! Congrats to you on first getting your submission in and secondly on being recognized. How great is that!?

Marlene said...