Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Scrap Shares for 2011

Wow, who would have thought that it would have taken me this long to get back into the scrapping swing of things. I went to a crop night at my LSS on Saturday and worked on two layouts - who needs to scrap when there is talking and gossiping to be done??!! Between catching up on everyone's news from the Christmas/New Year period and telling them about my time in the States, time flew by.
The first LO uses one of the pictures I took when the boys were busy burying eacAdd Imageh other in the sandpit (see previous post). Love this photo. Think I am going to have to enlarge it and frame it for my wall somewhere. Very simple layout - great way to break the scrapping drought.

The second layout uses pictures from Lachlan's first day of school this year. My little baby is in Year One (where has the time gone???). He was so excited to be at school again, ready to learn. As always, he was super excited to pose for the camera. Good thing he let me go overboard with pictures because his older brother didn't want to have a bar of it. Totally love the stickers from October Afternoon's Report Card collection, especially the one with the space for handwriting. It will be great to look at what Lachie's writing used to be like.

Nothing else to show. I am in the middle replanning my scrap area and am contemplating the idea of moving out to the formal dining room/lounge (which we don't really use as the formal lounge). Upside is that it has more room than my little office and I am out with the family; downside is that the room is all open-plan so no dividing wall between the two areas so I have to keep it super tidy - the house is not ours but comes as part of DH's job package so can't make any structural changes. I have moved my desk out for a trial run to see if I like this new set-up or not - only time will tell. Any tips/ideas greatly appreciated, especially from those of you who live in a rental/work house and have successfully created a scrap space in your family areas.
Sarah xoxoxo

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s4j said...

Love the LO's Miss....great to see you back into it...send some creative time my way...haha....Go your expedit shelf as a half wall...the lower one instead of the big one that you've looked at..a barrier without being solid. IYKWIM....and I don't think you will have a problem keeping your area tidy..haha