Saturday, October 1, 2011

The final roundup

Well I may have needed an extra day but I am happy to say that I have managed to accomplish something I previously thought impossible - that is completing all 30 sketches for the SFS Sketch-a-day challenge. When I first read about the challenge I thought to myself, yeah right as if I will ever get through that. However, to my surprise I did. Personally, I think the real reason why I made it through this challenge was the fact that we have just had two weeks of school holidays - there is no way I would have ever been able to scrap this much normally. So here are the last 3 layout for the month.

Layout 1 - Sept 30 Sketch After seeing one of Lauren's layouts the other day - a Christmas one - I was inspired. The criteria for this sketch were to use 3 or more different papers, two photos, border punch or hand scallops, hand journal and multi alpha title. I think I managed all that lol.

Layout 2: Sept 29 Sketch The extra criteria for this sketch were to use a household item behind the title (mine is a recycled orange bag) and strip journalling.

Closeup of some of A Lil Somethin's latest release which was school-themed but I loved the apple and it fitted with my title so why not? lol

Layout 3: Sept 28 Sketch - a sketch from Sassy Lil Sketches. Yet another wedding photo (yes, I am picking my chin up off the floor too lol)

I didn't really think the banner on the original sketch fitted the photo so I swapped it for butterflies. I think it looks ok. Simple but passable lol

After a few months of nagging, Tony came home the other day with a yabby net for the boys. Early this morning the three of them headed up to the dam on the western side of the farm armed with a bag of meat and the net. We all went back after lunchtime to see if there was anything in the net. We expected maybe one or two but there were closer to 40 yabbies much to the squeals and delights of two little boys.

I love how the simplest things can give them so much pleasure - seriously, who would have thought a few bits of old meat and a dam could make them happy.
Looks like someone needs to have a party and invite his shirt down - either that or I need to find some new farm clothes for him lol.
It took a lot of convincing but the boys eventually left all of the yabbies, bar three, in the dam on the promise they could go yabbying again another day real soon. Goodness only knows what the three unfortunate yabbies are going to go through - one has already last a claw. Not sure how it happened but Master Lachlan proudly brought it inside and promptly dumped it on my desk for me to look at :o
That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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Anonymous said...

What fantastic layouts, they really are great. Great use of the orange bag too, I would never have thought of that! Becky x

ScrappnBee said...

Congrats on finishing your sketches! That is a tough challenge, and I do not know if I could manage it!- Amanda

Pamela said...

Fantastic work! Love all your layouts! :)

Amy said...

Your layouts are wonderful! I love the Xmas photo shoot...I was cracking up! I love them all! I'm your newest follower :)