Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Caught Up

With the boys having a little holiday at Tony's parents, I have made the most of my free time to get caught up on the Sketch-a-Day challenge over at SFS. I am so pleased to say that I am officially up-to-date. Considering that I must be one of the slowest scrappers out there (as Lauren and Donna can attest to lol), this is something of a minor miracle, especially when a few of my child-free days were spent in bed trying to get rid of migraines. Ok so if you are game, grab a cup of coffee because there are quite a few photos to follow.
Layout 1: Today's Sketch Another wedding layout. I am thinking that once this challenge is over, I am going to go through the sketches and do some more wedding layouts.

Layout 2: Sept 26 Some random photos of Mitchell from our holiday back in June/July.Layout 3: Sept 25 Another layout using photos from my photoshoot with Sarah Bacon over at the cattle yards. Criteria on this layout were to use black cardstock and negative alphas - I traced around alphas and then lifted them off. The strip of material is off an old pair of Lachie's farm shorts. If you look real close, you can see some grease stains that never came out in the wash.Layout 4: Sept 24 More photos from our family photoshoot back in May. Have scrapped these photos before but will probably scrap them again lol.Layout 5: Sept 23 Photos from Mitchell's 'Circus' Performance at school at the end of Term 2. The criteria for this sketch was to use time in the title. Tony and I were just commenting tonight about how much Mitchell's confidence has improved over the past few months. Making the decision to have him participate in Social Skills lessons after his ONS Autism diagnosis was one of the best things we ever did - he has come out of his shell so much and the SEP staff comment on how much he has changed and how he has developed a lot of leadership qualities. He has had a few big challenges this year but is coping with them really well so far.Layout 6: Sept 22 Photos of Lachlan and Tony from our holiday. Took me a while to 'get into' this sketch and it has ended up being quite a busy page for me but I think I like it lol. I used a few bits from A Lil' Somethin' as templates for the banner and kite on this layout.Layout 7: Sept 21 More soccer photos of Lachie and a bit of a fluff up (well a lot of a fluff up) with mist on the Jenni Bowlin playing card lol.Layout 8: Sept 14 Photo taken on Lachie's birthday when he took cupcakes to share with his class mates. I didn't fulfill all the criteria with this layout as we were supposed to use two photos. But I did fulfill the 'no pink' and a handmade embellishment (A Lil' Somethin' bottle top thanks to Donna). Two out of three ain't bad lol.

So if you have sat through all of that, you need a medal lol. And isn't it just my luck - when I finally do manage to get caught up, I have to head off for a few days. I am going to pick up the boys tomorrow and most likely spend a night with my parents before coming home again. Let's hope I get home nice and early Thursday to scrap some more lol.

Thanks for stopping by and even more thanks to those of you who stayed knowing that this was a huge post. Your visits and comments give me more than just a little boost.

Take care

S xoxoxoxoxox


Lauren said...

Woohoo for you catching up! Love all of these, especially 'Higher Dad'. Love the way you havedone the strips and added the kite - Awesome!

Jingle said...

WOW! These are great!

Johanna said...

I LOOOVE those LO! I would love to have the guts and try some paint on backgrounds like you do...

Pamela said...

These are all fantastic! :)

Christina said...

These are all great!! Good for you on catching up, I am sooooo far behind but that's okay. :)
I think the soccer one is my favorite, I love those colors together.

Ursula Schneider said...

Yay for all that you accomplished. Your layouts are great! Maybe you will make a whole wedding book!