Sunday, March 25, 2012

Get Picky Mk 2

So it appears that despite being a relatively intelligent person (even if I do say so myself lol), I suck at reading instructions. Even though I have known it for quite some time, my memory had a temporary lapse, when I posted my original Get Picky layout, I forgot the whole idea of the challenge - to use multiple photos. Duh, what an idiot.
In an attempt to make amends, I scraped the sketch again, and yes, this time dill pickle here remembered to use more than one photo.

Have I redeemed myself???

I love these photos of the boys from our photoshoot last year. I have already scrapped them a few times but I am sure I will scrap them some more lol.
I actually managed to do some more creating today but that can wait for another post.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Heidi said...

Oohhh I love this. I like the ribbon cuts (if that's what they're called) and the twine.