Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Numbers Game

For some reason, a handful of my recent layouts have featured numbers. There are times where I love the idea of using numbers as the feature in the title to mix things up a bit. Numbers tell more than just a person's age - they are a way of showing people connection with each other, a way of building on a story, first house, a new house or a list of favourites. The layouts featured in this post are a mixture of these elements.
Layout One - 42 Candles Young puts a spin on a traditional title for a birthday layout.
And some close-ups: 

Layout Two - 1 Birthday and 3 Cakes documents our eldest son's 11th birthday when he actually had three separate cakes - one at his sleepover party with this friends from swim squad, the one he, his brother and I shared on his actual birthday (Dad missed out because he was out spraying) and finally, the 'official' birthday party one which my sister organised, complete with John Deere tractor on the front.  I hope he doesn't think birthdays will be like that every year ;) 
And some close-ups: 
I knew I wanted to journal the story behind his birthday this year but the layout was already so busy that I knew journalling directly to the layout wouldn't work. Luckily, my standby stash of embellishments had a cute little tag inside just perfect to tuck behind some of the layers. 
Layout Three - 25 Years and Counting. A fairly obvious title which documents the 25 year friendship between my two 'sisters' - my sister and her best friend. They are as close today as they were back in Year 10 all those years ago, so much so that Sonia and her daughters are firmly entrenched in our family circle. The bond these two share knows no bounds and I count myself very lucky to be able to be a small part of this. A bit of a minor mishap with over-misting has warped the page but I like it all the same :) 
And yet another close-up: 
That's it from me for now. I have a few other layouts to share with you over the coming days.
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