Saturday, January 25, 2014

How many?

When you look at your scrapbooks, how often do you see yourself? Are you like me and avoid the camera at all costs or do you make a point of making sure you are 'present' in your albums?
This year, I am determined to put myself more into my layouts. When I look at the many albums on my shelves I am visibly absent from almost all of them. I need to get past the way I look and forget about how much I really don't like myself and remember that it is important the boys have a record of my life with them. I want them to remember me for more than just that person who cooked their meals, washed their clothes, drove them all over the country-side to various sporting activities and sat beside them while they did their homework. I want them to remember me for doing stuff with them, not just for them. This is not going to be easy as I really hate having my photo taken, but I am definitely going to try.
While this photo isn't about the boys as such, it is about a time when we were all together - going out to celebrate my birthday earlier this month. Only Lachie and I are in the photo but I will remember the laughing and joking from everyone in the car as I was trying to take a selfie while Tony was driving us to town, and hitting EVERY bump along the way, not to mention Lachie doing his best to photo-bomb my selfie.
And some close-ups: 

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