Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Holiday Shares Part 3

Continuing with the holiday shares Today is all about our eldest son.

Layout One: Student Council 2015

It is our eldest son's first year at high school this year. He has started the year in fantastic fashion. In the first week he put himself out there and nominated himself for selection as a Student Council Representative. He was one of four Year 7 students elected to the position. Couldn't have asked for a better start to a new schooling experience.

Layout Two: Being a Tween is Tough Sometimes

A reflective layout about Mitch's transition into the world of teenage-hood. In so many ways he is already there but not in others.  I find myself caught between wanting to loosen the mothering ropes and holding onto them a little bit tighter. Our personalities are very similar which will make the next few years very challenging no doubt. This layout is a reminder for me as much as him about his transition into the next phase of his life.

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Sar said...

Love the teal in both of these, gorgeous layouts xx