Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let's Celebrate

Our youngest son turned 10 a few months ago. I am sure all of the parents out there can relate to me when I question where those years have gone.  Lachie had a quiet birthday at home with the family. His favourite part about his birthday? The cake ... always the cake.  This year was the year of many cakes - cake for his classmates at school, cake with his squad mates at swimming training, cake at home the night of his birthday with his brother and I, and finally, cake the following night because Dad was home to celebrate with him.

A few weeks later he was awarded 'Student of the Week'. He was pretty chuffed with this as his teacher was married the previous weekend so he was the first person to be given the award by Mrs O - apparently there is a big difference between getting an award from Ms H and Mrs O ... even if they are the same person. This layout was based on a sketch from October Afternoon's blog.
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