Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Well what is left of it anyway lol.
I hope you all had a great day celebrating all things Australian. I know I did - it was the perfect day. Woke up to a bit of this:

Who could imagine that we would have fog on a summer's morning but fog it was, along with a bit of drizzling rain yay. By mid morning this had all cleared and it turned into a very clear, hot and steamy day.

Then I finished off this (and must say I am might pleased with how this one turned out):

Took these while I was trying to get a decent pic of the LO to show you all:
Someone is very proud that his mummy made this for him. He asked me to read the journalling and when I did, he was crying and telling me what a lovely mummy I was for saying that about him. Gotta love that boy!

Not to be outdone, this one said, "Yeah mummy you are good now take a photo of me too!!!"

Then DH and I went to see this (second time around for me and loved it just as much as the first time):
Finished off with a whole pile of organising for the first day of school tomorrow. Finally finished off the Orientation handbook for my Yr 8's (expecting almost 170) and covered almost all of Mitchell's books until a minor incident of no more paper halted the progress lol.

Til next time, take care

Me xoxox

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tracey said...

did i mention that is a beautiful layout miss --- stunning -- and isn't your little big boy so proud of his new layout.