Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up in the air we flew .....

... and now we are here - yep that is right, HL and I are in the cold cold cold land of Victoria. OMG people what is with this weather?????? C'mon it is SUMMER - or have all you Victorians forgotten about that minor detail. LOL I know I shouldn't trash you too much coz it gets mighty cold up my way in winter time (talking -6 on some cold, frosty winter mornings) but hey on Wednesday I was in 38 degree beautiful awesome weather and when the plane landed in Melbourne on Thursday morning it was 13 degrees WTF is with that???????

But enough about the weather - we are not here for an indepth analysis of all things meterologically related, we are here to visit and scrap with the most awesome, most talented and most gorgeous Beck. OMG how lucky are we - she has opened up her home to us for 4 days, has been our taxi driver, tourist guide, chef - doesn't get much better than this.

Lots of laughs have been had - including random Melbournites on the City Circle tram during peak hour on Thursday afternoon - would tell you about it but we have a pact - what happens in Melbourne stays in Melbourne. You should have come with us if you wanted to find out hehehehehehehehehe.

We were lucky enough to catch up the equally awesome Scrapbug aka Jo for the afternoon - was great to finally meet you in person Jo, cannot wait to catch up again. You should have wagged worked yesterday too hehehehehehehehehehe.

Not a lot is going on today - I am just sitting and star gazing at HL and Beck as they scrap. Would post pictures but can't be bothered to atm - gotta edit some of them first coz I can't give away all our secrets can I??!! hehehehehehe

Ok guess i should actually try to do some scrapping instead of just looking at the two masters over there.

Will be back soon with some pics

Love ya mwah mwah mwah

me xoxoxox

p.s. wish you were here peeps

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Jo Bayliss said...

Hey gorgeous girl! Glad you had such an awesome time down here, wish work and family stuff didn't get in the way so I could have spent the whole time with you guys :(

But it was unreal to finally meet you and Heather and have the beasties together for a little bit. I was waving you guys off as you trundled down the street on the tram crammed in like sardines!! I just couldn't fit through those damn doors with all those people and figured I may as well hop on the train! Was a very lonely trip home I must say.

Next time we will have to come and play at your house...where the weather is warmer! lol

Love ya... mwah xx