Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Relief

After almost 2 1/2 days of solid work - with only time off for meals, hanging out washing, loading washing machine, folding and putting clothes away - I have finally managed to catch up on the huge pile of marking that has been tormenting me for the last little while.
I don't know what happened but I got so bogged down that I could not see a way out of anything and was getting that stressed out about it all that I couldn't sit down and do it without a feeling of panic start to rise. I tried things like ignoring it, trying to set up rewards like mark for one day of the weekend and have the other day off but none of it worked. I even tried to scrap as an incentive without any success - well success in the fact that I scrapped but no success in terms of marking.
So Friday afternoon, I made a pact with myself. The pact was to get in and do the marking no matter what so I could enjoy the Easter break or face all of this over that time as well and it was a no-brainer - the marking won hands down.
So here I am, late Sunday night just minutes before 24 starts and I feel like a free woman again. No more piles of marking waiting for me and the best part about this week is that any assessment at school are all oral presentations which can be marked on the spot so no more marking to bring home until next term. So yay yay yay yay cheer cheer cheer cheer for that.
While I am here, I want to send two girls big big big HUGE hugs (B and H-er) because without your encouragement and pushing I would not have been able to tackle those piles this weekend so thanks girls, I owe you big time.
Ok off to watch 24 and do the ironing (yuck).

Til next time

me xoxoxox

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