Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some more show 'n' tell

Howdy everyone. Hope this lovely Saturday afternoon is treating you all kindly. Don't know about where you all live but here in my little neck of the woods, it is a glorious day. I have flocks of galahs, cockatoos, parrots, magpies and heaps of other varieties right outside my scraproom/office window and the sounds they all make are amazing. I have lived on farms all my life (barring my time spent in Brisbane at Uni but I still called the farm home) but I have never seen so many birds all at once. There must be something in these trees that attract them or maybe it is the fact that I love to keep my yard watered - gotta have a little bit of green when the rest of the place starts to dry out with no rain.

Anyway, I haven't come here to talk about birds or the weather, I have come with some more show 'n' tell. I created this LO last night while I was chatting away online and I must say that for once I actually like {maybe even love} something I did - shock horror lol. This is my baby - cannot believe that in just over a month, he will be 4 years old. I don't want him to grow up, I want him to stay the way he is but I know that is not possible. It is times like these where I seriously consider having another child. Part of me would love to hold a little girl in my arms more than anything but another part of me knows that given all the struggles I had with the other two and the battle I had within myself (and still have to this day), it would not be worth risking my mental well-being. I wish this tug-of-war would end and I would finally just make peace with my decision. Tell me - is it like this for all women or is there something wrong with me for not wanting more babies???

Enough of the melancholy - here is the LO:
And here is a little collage I made of the finer details: Hope the rest of the weekend treats you nicely.

Til next time,

Me xoxo

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tracey said...

fantastic layout miss sarah - and love your easter shots too ... and the answer if we all feel that way -- too right - its a hard decision and i dont' think we are ever happy - are we?