Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rounding up another weekend

Well another weekend has been and gone. Where did it go she asks early on a Monday evening - don't worry about the weekend, where did today go???
I spent most of Saturday in bed, my head stuffed full of a cold. My ears are still playing up tonight, I can't get my right one to pop - very annoying, everything sounds different. Feels like there is a whole heap of fluid in there, you know like when you hop out of a pool. Might have to go get it checked out tomorrow if it isn't any better.
Sunday was pretty quiet too - just chilled out around the house until late this afternoon when I set off over to the sheds to check out what the boys were up to. Just a typical weekend - the two little boys helping the big boy do jobs around the place:
In other news, teachers (that's me) in Qld are striking tomorrow. I hope to spend the day at home with my boys nice and quietly trying to get over this flu. I did consider going to one of the mass meetings tomorrow in Toowoomba but given how unwell I have been, my principal agreed with the thought that a day of rest would be wiser.
Hopefully I will be back here tomorrow or Wednesday with some show 'n' tell.
Me xoxoxo

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