Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update on the attack of the Easter Bunny and show 'n' tell

Well it is just over a month (at least I think it is a month lol) since the infamous attack of the Easter Bunny AKA Falling off a ladder on Easter Sunday - lol attack of the Easter Bunny sounds sooooooooooo much better.

So what does an attack from the Easter Bunny look like post-infection/enforced bedrest/2 weeks of daily visits to drs surgery for dressings and wound updates??? Wonder no more, check this out:
(LOL excuse the picture, I took it myself - never realised how hard it is to get a decent picture of one's own leg - lol especially when they are tree trunks like mine hehehehe)

I am finally able to go without any dressings at all ( BIG relief as I was starting to react to the different dressings and treatments the Drs/nurses were trying) - all I have to do now is keep a really close eye on the wounds and monitor for signs of regression back to infections and possible ulcerations. Hopefully that won't happen.

In all the time I had off, you would think that I would have got a truckload of scrapping done but I am ashamed to say that I did nothing, nudda, zilch. Being stuck in bed really didn't help and for some reason all I wanted to do is sleep and read and sleep some more. I think I got through 10 or 11 novels for the 5 days I was stuck in bed. YAY for me - I love to read!!

I did manage to get around to some scrapping on the weekend - a work in progress that I ended up pulling apart and starting over again. Not happy with it but it is another one for the albums.

Well that is all for now. Off to do some moping - feel really down in the dumps at the moment but can't seem to actually put a finger on what I feel so down/blah about. Maybe I just need to get over myself.

Til next time.

Me xoxoxox

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Anonymous said...

I have been feeling exactly the same way - just MEH. I think it's the winter blues!

Love that @ 6 Layout - absolutely stunning! :)