Sunday, June 7, 2009

I went, I saw but I sure as heck didn't conquer

Well what a day it has been today. I had grand plans for the day but Murphy's Law took over. I had plans to travel to the Scrapbooking Expo in Brissy with a few friends from Dalby, until both couldn't go. Undaunted, I made plans with the lovely H-er to partake in the Expo together.
So little old me sets off on my merry jaunt just after 7am this morning but just before 8 it came to an abrupt halt when I became involved in a minor car crash after the car in front of me decided to slam their foot on the brakes suddenly. Well of course I did the only thing I could and braked as well only I got caught in an oil slick/wet patch of bitumen (it was showering at the time) and my brakes sort of locked up. Knowing the worst thing I could do was over-correct, I just tried to keep the steering wheel as straight as possible - no easy feat considering there was a motorbike pulled off to the left hand side of me (whose travelling partner had lost control in about the same area I did - well in fact that is why the car in front of me braked so suddenly - so he/she could gawk at the accident grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and cars coming towards me. In the end I opted to try and miss the guy standing near his motorbike and ended up side-swipping the car coming towards me - completely knocking off my side-view mirror. Fortunately for me, the bullbar took most of the brunt, although sadly for the other car this was not such a good thing.
After a delay of almost 1 1/2 hrs waiting for the police to arrive, I set off on my merry jaunt again - why I didn't turn home is beyond me but hey, what sort of idiot knocks back a day with a beastie AND a scrapbooking expo lol.
By the time I made it to H-er's and had a minor repair job done on the mirror (thanks G), we set off for Southbank. Not sure what to expect as I had only been one other expo but I am still undecided as to whether I was 100% sold on this one. I didn't find it anywhere near as easy to get around and there didn't seem to be as much stuff on offer - or maybe I was just still in a state from the bingle but hate to admit it ladies, but I let the team down. Total purchases amount to 10 sheets pp, 1 pkt thickers, 1 pkt MM puffy alpha, 1 pkt My Minds Eye embellishments, 1 set of crate paper chippy letters and two pkts of random raw chippy alphabets.
OMG how pathetic is that??? LOL and I call myself a scrapper - what a joke hehehehehe
Will take some pics of the pathetic loot tomorrow lmao.
Me xoxoxo

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