Monday, June 8, 2009


Well as promised, I am back today with pics of my pathetic attempt at splurging at the expo yesterday. Not sure if it was the whole car accident thing or if I was just in one of my 'moods' but there wasn't a lot there yesterday that I fell in love with. The one thing I did manage to bring home was more MyMind's Eye patterned paper- CANNOT get enough of this stuff lol.
As with most other Australian states, we had a public holiday here in Qld so I spent the day creating this in between trips to the washing machine and clothes line, trips to the farm to help Tony move machinery around and just chilling out:
Hope the rest of you had restful weekends. Back to work tomorrow and on the countdown til the June-July holidays and all the work that needs to be done before then.
Me xoxoxo

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