Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally On Holidays

Well we have been on holidays for a week now and I have been enjoying every single moment. Been catching up on some reading - Beck, soooooo pleased you finally convinced me to enter the world created by Jodi Picoult, catching up on some unfinished projects from Heidi Swapp's workshop back in December, a bit of shopping (mostly scrap-related of course) and lots of resting.
We spent a week at the Gold Coast and have migrated north to Caloundra just for a change of scenery - and of course more scrap shops to explore hehehehehe (my name is Billy not Silly afterall). The boys have had a ball - as everyone in the apartment blocks we have been staying in could probably tell you - they are very very VERY loud and seem even more so in confined spaces. It is times like these that I realise just how lucky we are not to have any neighbours near us at home - nearest one is about 5 kms away lol.
Have been playing with the camera a bit - still working on getting some nice family pics done while we are here. I have brought the tripod with me but haven't set it up yet. The weather is starting to turn a bit wet and windy so will have to try and sort something out before it fully sets in.
Hope the rest of you who are on holidays at the moment are managing to get some rest and catch up on all that stuff we seem to leave until the holidays.
Might be back later with some photos.
Me xoxoxoxo

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