Monday, July 20, 2009

A Quick Update

I made a promise to myself over the school holidays that I would treat myself nicer on school nights and actually get myself into bed at a 'decent' hour. Yeah right, like that was ever going to work - here I am 10.52pm on a Monday night and I am still sitting in front of the computer and I am no closer to getting off to bed than I was an hour ago. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself.

School has settled back in really well - I have picked up two new classes but lost another (which I was VERY sad and ANGRY at but timetabling - omg what a nightmare!). On a postive note - over 110 (out of about 160) of my little chickens (aka my Year 8 babies) received Citizenship awards prior to the holidays and out of these, 56 received excellence awards. Neither are exactly easy to get as they rely solely on nominations from their individual teachers. Needless to say, as I was collating the data, I was one very proud mumma hen.

Mitch is loving being back at school - spent the whole holidays asking how many days until he could go to school again. I lost count of how many times I had to explain to him that all schools closed over the holidays and there wasn't one at the beach open just for him. Lol, lets hope this excitement continues for many, many more years to come.

On the scrapping front, I have created 3 LO's since returning home but am VERY embarassed to admit that none of them have gone close to making even the slightest dint in the stash I collected over the holidays :0!! Lets just say girls, if you head to Caloundra or nearby for your holidays you DEFINITELY have to go to Scrapidoo at Currimundi, My Scrappin' Shop in Caloundra and trust me, if you fancy a 30 min drive north to DaisyChain Scrapbooking in Nambour I can assure you that you WILL NOT be disappointed. Your bank account might be and your DH/DP/significant other might be but OMG these three shops would have to be the best ones I have set foot in this year and are right up there with some on my online faves. This is what I have created with some (not very much though hehehe) of my holiday goodies:

Journalling on this one reads:

I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the blurriness of this photo. You look so grown up in your new hat. That is when it hit me; as your mum I only have such a short amount of time to enjoy your childhood. This photo of you will be my permanent reminder that life does indeed pass by in a blur.

Sorry about the dodgy pic for this one but this photo is among my favourites from our recent holiday - somehow I think i managed to fluke really great light and love the look on Lachlan's face. Have no idea what to do for the journalling - got a few ideas scribbled down, but nothing grabbing me yet.

I experimented with getting extra large prints while I was at the coast - from memory this one is 8x10 inches. Love the effect that it creates. You would think scrapping a big pic would be easier - I mean the bigger the picture, the less room for 'stuff'. Sadly, working out how to put the 'stuff' when using such a big pic isn't anywhere near as easy as I thought it would be lol.

On another note altogether, if you have a few spare thoughts/prayers (whatever you believe in), my FIL could really do with them. He had a 'heart turn' today and is being transported by ambulance from his local hospital to Brisbane tomorrow for further testing. Hope you get better soon Poppy Luke.

Also, a shout out to my beasties - where are you girls??? Dunno about you, but I am sure missing our chats and your blog updates (hehe could I be any more subtle if I tried hehehehe).

Righto, I think I really need to force myself to step away from the computer and head for the night.

Take care

Me xoxoxoxox

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s4j said...

Hey!! look...I'm sitting up....not feeling the best while doing it trying every old wives tale for getting over the bugs...lemonade...Yukkk waaay too sweet...blah....gargling with salt water...some time in the boost the Vit.D.....soo glad I'm not where I was 2 days ago...missing my chats too my dear..mwah