Friday, August 7, 2009

Still around ... just

Ok is there anyone out there who can tell me how to stop time just for a few minutes??? Someone??? Anyone??? Please??? All I want is just a few minutes just to stop and take a breath and contemplate without interruption or without feeling guilty for doing other things. I cannot believe that we are at the end of Week 4 of the term already - next week is 'hump' week. For those of you not in the teaching game, 'hump week' the halfway point of the school term, just like 'hump day' is used on Wednesdays.
Had a massive day today with our inter-house carnival. Took lots of photos for the school magazine and even ran in two races (much to the students' utter disbelief - they were like you can run? wtf? are you sure? hehe). Gotta love kids who assume that just because you might be carrying around a few (ok a lot of) extra kgs that you are incapable of doing anything. But at the end of the day, to me it is all about getting out there and having a go and giving it your best shot. Not everyone can be a winner but everyone can be a participant.
On the scrapping front, plugging away slowly with some L/O's and trying to get my head around the Wacom I bought at the Point Shoot Play class a fortnight ago. Got the second half of the class tomorrow so hoping that will be just as great as the first. Have only got 3 bits of showntell but it is better than none:
Mitch just loves the farm - cannot get enough of it and of course, he thinks he is so important having 'work clothes' just like dad. Thank goodness for King G and John Deere for making a little boy's life so happy.
I rarely use yellow in my scrapping, however, with Lachlan's swim shirt being so bright (and yellow), I had to get myself out of my comfort zone and try some out. Absolutely loving the yellow paper I used on this LO - it is by Chatterbox and it is flocked - yep beasties, flocking heck it is flocked hehehehe.
Just had to include a pic of this too - a button flourish that I experimented with - have to say, am quite happy with how it looks, and it is YELLOW lol.
Last bit of sharing was inspired by a LO I found in the 2peas gallery that was created by an Aussie, Mel Nunn. Totally love the work she has on display on her blog at the moment. Fantastic boy pages - of course I am always gunna love someone' work who can scrap boy pages so brilliantly. The border is a Hambly transparency but hard to get a pic off - that is the floors of the verandah showing through there. Make sure you go check out Mel's work on her blog or even over at 2peas.

Just a pic trying to show you the transparency.
Here is a link for Mel's blog: . Really have to work out how to hyperlink their name's within the text. Ideas anyone???
Adios for now.
Me xoxoxo

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