Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Scrapping to Share

I had another night last night while I enjoyed the company of some great music (really have a thing for Taylor Swift at the moment - can not get enough of White Horse - the one that was used in Grey's Anatomy this season) and, of course, a very special online buddy. I managed to come up with this:

The picture is about 2 years old and after scrapping a stack of reasonably 'up-to-date' pics lately, it is amazing to pull an older one out just to see how much the boys have grown.
I have also completed another layout today but can't get a decent pic of it in the night so will have to do that in the morning.

Also planning to take the boys up the paddocks to get some photos of them in the new wheat crop as well as last year's stubble - lol my attempt at being creative with photography. Wish me luck trying to photograph two very active and rowdy boys hehehe.

me xoxoxo

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