Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another one bites the dust

... weekend that is.
I am sitting here typing this wondering where the last 48 hours have gone. Please don't tell me that it is Sunday night already! Seriously, I cannot believe how quickly this weekend has past. I have done so much but still feel as if I have achieved so little.
Our weekend began with a bang on Friday night - the TV pooped itself. No warning, no rhyme or reason. One minute we were all sitting there watching Better Homes and Gardens and the next minute we were watching a blank screen. Tony tried fiddling with cords and power-points (much to my disgust) without any luck.
So Saturday saw us hunting around town for a new TV. If it were up to me, I would have gone straight to the closest electrical shop and bought the one that took my fancy but no, Tony doesn't operate like this. He is a haggler. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with haggling, I just don't like to do it, after all the workers have to make a living too. So off we trudge from shop to shop then back to all of the shops with the prices. Hehe I escaped the last part of it and went and got an eyebrow wax - trust me, less painful than listening to Tony haggle. Finally we got the one I was after in the first place and after triple and quadruple checking to make sure it would fit in our entertainment unit, it was ours.
I also did the usual weekend chores of washing, folding, sorting clothes etc. I had a huge purge of the boys cupboards and donated over a garbage ball full of clothes to charity. Ashamed to admit that some of the clothes were hardly ever worn so here's hoping that someone will get some good use out of them. I also finished unpacking our bags from the last week of the holidays when the boys and I went to my parents place.
I found some time to scrap as well last night, but it wasn't until after I had got most of the washing done, sorted and put away. Lucky for me 'Cars' was on TV so I left the boys and daddy in the lounge room to watch while I came out to the scrap room to play. After lots of fiddle-farting, pushing things around and ratting through my stash, I came up with this:
Today saw a repeat of yesterday. This time it was the floors, toilets and bathrooms which needed my attention. It is weekends like these that I wish I could justify the expense of having someone come in every week to clean. If I didn't have a wish-list of things I want for the house as long as my arm, I would probably get one but for the moment, saving up for some new pretties takes priority.
Also this afternoon we finally managed to catch the third dog that was dumped here last weekend. The other two were taken to the local pound but sadly, were euthanised on Thursday. Although we did consider very seriously keeping one of them, in the end it was just too risky considering we knew nothing about their history/temperament etc. Anyway the third dog took off up the paddock and only started coming back towards the house late this week. It still won't let Tony or I near it but it is more than happy for the boys to approach. Late this afternoon, Lachie caught it for me and carried it over for me to have a closer look at. He is such a cute little thing - a fox terrier/chichuaua (sp) cross by the looks of it. I am hoping to get him more confident with me over the next week and if he settles down, I think he will have a new home and lots of love. I know someone who is madly in love already:
Anyway, I think that is enough ramblings for now. Til next time, take care.
S. xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layout Sarah! Enjoy your new TV! :)