Monday, October 19, 2009

Cough, Cough, Splutter, Splutter ....

.... but hey at least I am slowly getting better.
Have some how managed to come down with another chest cold. Thought now that winter was done, I would be free from catching any more nasties. Oh well not to worry because it means that I have to rest and relax and what better way to do that than scrap scrap scrap. Yeah my bad, skipping work today ... good thing today is a student free day and I am not actually missing any classes - I am sure my Year 12's will be pleased (insert rolling eyes here lol)
Haven't been able to concentrate on anything too much or for long periods of time because of the coughing but over the weekend and again today I have managed to do a bit of scrapping.
Layout One: Mitchell's new glasses - story behind the glasses is that I seriously thought he was only pretending to have problems with his eyes just so he could have glasses like Daddy and Stephen (his best friend). Long story short - I got sick of the nagging, took him to the optomertrist and yep he needed them because he is long-sighted :-o
Layout Two: Inspired by a layout in a new magazine that H-er ( introduced me to. Magazine is Scrapbook Trends ( and LO was from the August edition. The picture I have used is of my mother's older brothers and sisters - obviously taken before she was born because she is not in the picture lol:
Layout Three: Another LO of Lachlan - cannot believe how fast my baby has turned into a little boy - can't believe he is starting school at the end of January (eek):
Layout Four: Today's effort. After months of looking at the site and drooling, I finally decided to create a LO using one of Inspried Blueprints ( sketches and this is what I created for Sketch 31 - although I did rotate the sketch:

So that is what I have been up to for the past few days - when I haven't been coughing and spluttering that is.

Me xoxoxox

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