Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the Love of Dudley

Took another sketch challenge over at inspired blueprints and came up with:
It is based on Sketch #33 and while i have changed a few of the details, I think it still fits the sketch ok - well here's hoping anyway.

Lachlan was given Dudley the day he was born by my parents (whom the boys call Nanny Goat and Poppy Choppy - story for another day lol) and four years later, they are still as close as ever.I am aiming to be back at work today - still coughing and spluttering and feel less than great. Hoping to get into the doctors as well but not liking my chances - they were already fully booked for the week when I called yesterday so hoping for a spare 'emergency' appt or a cancelation.

Have a great day

Me xoxoxo

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