Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day

Thursday January 10, 2010 - an ordinary day; nothing special happening today but nevertheless, it is still a day with memories that need to be recorded for the future.
1. Driving to town for swimming lessons.

2. Mitch during his lesson - no pics of Lachie today as he is not allowed to swim at the moment :(

3. A big day for this little boy - his first 'big school' (as he calls it) bag which was part of his christmas present from one set of grandparents.

4. Cheeky Cheetos grins - the boys each had a packet of Cheetos after swimming. Can't really tell in the picture but their mouths and fingers were a yellowy/orange from the chips lol.

5. Watching the clouds build up, hoping for rain; sadly there was none :(

So as you can see, there is nothing particuarly special or ground-breaking or earth shattering about these pictures but they are still important to me none-the-less - they are a part of our family history and if I don't tell their story, I guess nobody will.
I have created a LO for some of the pictures I took today but it is too dark to get a decent picture so will be back tomorrow sometime with a layout share :).
Take care, mwah mwah
Me xoxox

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