Monday, January 4, 2010

Very quick catch up

The silly season seems to be slowly winding down and I think the last of the Christmas/New Years festivities are over for now ... until the birthdays start up for another year.
I had an absolutely fabulous Christmas in Warwick with the entire family at Mum and Dad's place. My bro, sil and their kids were down from Rockhampton and my sis and her partner as well as his parents and brother joined us for Christmas Day as well.
The day started off at 2.30am (yes you read that correctly - 2.30AM) when I woke to hear the boys talking about what Santa had left them and how each of them saw Santa drop off the presents. I was able to convince two of the boys it was far too early to be awake so they went back to sleep but Mitchell was determined NOT to sleep because it was (in his words) 'Christmas and I just HAVE to open Santa's present NOW or he will be uspet with me'. I finally caved in at about 5 and let him open his Santa stash.
After breakfast, Tony, the boys and I went for a quick drive out to Tony's parents' farm so the boys could share some Christmas goodness with them. They were thoroughly spoilt with new school gear and lots of John Deere goodness - I am beginning to suspect that if there were no green toys at birthdays and christmas, the boys would have fits lol.
From there, we returned to Mum and Dad's to wait for the special guests - BIL's parents - to arrive and once they did it was on like Donky Kong - paper flying everywhere, squeals of delight (mainly from Lachlan and not the girls lol), lots of kissing and hugging and 'look what I got, look what I got'.
I have to say that I think this was one of THE best Christmases that I have ever had - no fights or arguments, lots of laughter, kids getting along most of the time (sucks being the youngest hey Lachie) and just sitting down and talking.
I guess I should upload the pictures from my camera onto the computer one of these days to show you - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe that is ia job for today.
Hope the rest of you had a great christmas. All the best for 2010, hope it is a great one for each and every one of you.
Til next time
Me xoxoxo

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