Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend has almost come to a close and I am very happy to report that it has been a wet one. Lots of beautiful rain that the crops desperately needed to help finish them off before harvest begins in the next month or so.
I have been lucky enough to have a fairly quiet weekend. After an early start with cricket yesterday morning, I spent the day resting, reading and, of course, scrapping.
Didn't fulfil last weekend's promise to myself to scrap a picture of Mitch's first day of school for 2010 but did this one instead:

Love this pic of Mitch and Lach. We are so lucky to have kids that get along so well (most of the time lol). Will treasure this pic for years to come.
The next layout came as a result of a tidy up and cull of my photo container. I had been wanting to go through the container for a while and get rid of pics that weren't good enough to scrap or ones that I had multiples of (seriously had 3 copies of the same photo and I had already scrapped it twice :o). I have scrapped most of these pictures before in larger sizes but never got around to doing these ones so decided last night was the time to scrap them.
And finally, another LO about me and my ongoing battle with depression and anxiety related issues. Not sure what is going on with all this self-reflection but have never scrapped so openly about myself. The layout didn't quite turn out as I had planned but nevertheless, it is another one for the album. I want to thank Lisa Warren for documenting her own struggle because she gave me the courage to document my own.
Not sure if I will manage any more scrapping done tonight. Have a bit of marking to look at before tomorrow and need to plan for the week ahead.
Til next time,
S xoxoxo

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Sarah Lou said...

oh walk with me is a tugging at my heart strings. I adore the truth in the last layout, some of my scariest moments have been reaching out ( though I will admit to a slight relief as well after I said it) Well done you for showing a lot of peoples truth and being brave enough to!!.