Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Scrapping Goodness

Sadly the weekend is over but that's ok, another week at work has started and I am loving it at the moment. Feel really lucky to have such great classes, even if they like to chat a bit too much at times.
Have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week, trying to sort out what we are going to do when Mitch has his legs done - no easy solutions but still working on it. Just hard to try and not feel the work/home guilt thing. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will have some solutions.
So to get over the emotional horrors that the weekend was, I spent quite a bit of time engaging in some scrap therapy. Not totally happy with some of the layouts but apparently (as some people have told me), they are ok. Guess we are our worst critics.
I have to say that I am in love (pardon the pun) with the first LO. We don't do Valentine's Day in our house but seeing this picture of Lach and I made me realise that I have a little bit of Valentine's Day every day when he hugs me (which is lots by the way - that boy is soooooo affectionate).
I finally got around to scrapping a school picture of Mitch by himself after doing all those ones of Lach and the two of them together. Not 100% happy with this LO - have been trying to work out what it is missing but still stumped - feel free to offer suggestions :-)
And finally, this is what I spent most of yesterday working on (between emotional meltdowns and venting sessions with some very special online buddies). I have had this Hambly Transparency Overlay sitting in the stash for an eternity and was determined to finally use it. After some inspiration searching on the net and some chatting with the girls, I came up with this. Definitely not what I had planned and not ever sure I like it but I am told it is good (wtf?). Oh well, it is another one for the album lol.
Not a lot else to report - just plugging away, one day at a time. Not sure if I will get a chance for scrapping during the week. If not, guess I will have to wait and see what the weekend brings.
Take care
Me xoxoxoxo

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