Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just another day

Today has been another one of those days. Lots of fiddly jobs to do around the house like the washing and ironing but I also managed to fit in a little bit of scrapping time. I will have to wait until the morning to get a decent picture but in the mean time, I have this to share:

Have to admit that the layout turned out totally different to how I pictured it. In my mind I had a vision of combining aqua shades with yellow for something different but when I came across the scrap of heart paper left over from Create '08, I knew it had to go there somewhere and then the pink just took over lol. It was good because I don't often get to put pink on pages of the boys.

Remember this from last month??? It got picked up for publication today. Very happy about that. Lots of rejections though but not to worry.

Finally, Chris and Sarah-Lou, please don't despair about no mail turning up. Still trying to make a little pile of goodness for you both. If it isn't posted tomorrow, it won't happen until the week after next as we are off to the coast for week.
Ok I am outta here. Take care.
Me xoxoxoxo

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Sarah Lou said...

congrats on the publication!! I love this layout!!! Im not suprised that cutie has stolen your heart! Take all the time you need. Life before mail!!! Have a ball at the coast!!!