Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I {heart} Holidays

Yep I most certainly do and this one could not have come at a better time.  The last weeks or so have been nothing short of total mania between farm life, school life and family life.  The contractors have finally finished picking the cotton and when we drove out of the farm on Saturday afternoon, the corn harvest was well underway.  All that means that the farmer in my life is a happy man; my guess he will be a very happy man once it is all finished.  It has been a long time since most of the crops were planted last October.
And me?  I couldn't be happier too.  I went without lots of sleep in the last two weeks of school to get everything finalised so that I didn't have to do an ounce of work on the holidays and after three days at the beach, the lack of sleep was totally worth it. 
Not a lot to report about our holiday - we are at the beach in winter so I will let you fill in the blanks.  The bonus is that the place we are staying has an indoor heated pool which is AWESOME to say the least.  It is the next best thing for boys who were dying to spend their holidays swimming.

Lots of fun has been had by the boys despite the fact that it has turned wet and cold here yesterday and again today.  Again, thank goodness for the indoor pool ;-)
I am hoping to get some pictures printed in the morning and playing with some pretty paper.  Need to do something to fill in the nights - my sleep habits have turned to putty over the last few weeks with the craziness of work.
Thanks for stopping by.
S xoxoxox

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donna said...

hurray! that Tony got to go with you hun! And yes you so deserve this time away with your family. Enjoy your scrappy time
D xxx