Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holiday Scrapping

It has only taken me two weeks to get around to unpacking the scrap supplies I took on holidays.  I didn't achieve a great deal in terms of the number of layouts created but I passed many happy nights pushing paper around while watching Wimbledon (tennis) and the Tour de France (Cycling).  I am a bit of a sports buff and love almost every sport going so I am always happy to have commentary running in the background in the wee hours of the morning.  I will start with sharing my favourite photos taken while on holidays ... and yes, some of the photos are repeats in different sizes ;-)
Layout One: Lachie is definitely a water baby.  He would have spent all day of our entire holidays in the pool if we let him.  Thank goodness for heated indoor pools when you are destined to always have holidays smack bang in the middle of winter. I am loving using little 2x3inch photos at the moment.
 Layout 2: same photo, different size. Unusually bright for me but I am actually happy with this layout.  All of the patterned papers used on this layout are from TYPO (I love, love LOVE that store)
Layout 3: Another one from the lens of my good friend Sarah B taken in Sept 2011 over in the cattle yards.  I was inspired to use some of my new Ormolu purchases on this layout ;)
Layout 4: My FAVOURITE photo from our holiday.  This was a total fluke as Mitch was jumping around like a mad-man.  Lucky for me, I had the camera set on sports mode and was able to capture this one. A touch of editing with Pic Monkey was all I needed to fix up his eyes and the shadows on his face.  Check out Pic Monkey for a FREE, quick and easy to use online editing program ;)
That is it for now. I have some others to share, including two layouts that Lachlan did while we were away.  Hopefully I will be back in the coming days with more updates.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend.
S xoxoxox


scrappymo! said...

They look great...You got some lovely photos there.

Jennifer Grace said...

Fantastic layouts, I love the half doily on the sunkissed page! x