Sunday, August 5, 2012

Inspired by ...

... ME!
Lol, no I am not that self-centered (well at least I hope not) but in a moment of madness in the wee hours of the morning one day last week, I planned an English lesson around the creation of a scrapbook layout.  Long story short, I am teaching a new course aimed at students with learning difficulties and/or special needs.  The course is meant to be aimed at real life and teaching them genuine skills.  So far I have cooked for them, I have demonstrated how to iron a pleated skirt and a business shirt so now it was time for some paper fun.  Knowing just how SLOWLY I scrap, I knew that I needed to be able to pull together a layout super fast. My solution was to lift a recent layout and that is exactly what I did.  I packed up a few bits and pieces, some layouts for them to look at and basic tools and cut loose on the class. 
So why scrapbooking you ask?  Well this unit revolves around being able to give a detail list of instructions, accompanied by photos to match the instructions. In the space of 35 minutes not only had I walked them through the layout but I had also stopped a dozen times to take photos for the students - hands down FASTEST layout ever.
So this:
came from this:
And believe it or not, the lesson was one of the best lessons I have had with that class in recent weeks.  The essence of the layout is still the same - two of the three papers are the same and the design is the same but it still looks different ... kind of.
Nothing else to report.  Life has been manic of late but thanks to family and some special friends, things are on the way up again.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Ta for now
S xoxoxox

P.S. Hey Donna, can you believe it only took me 35 mins??? I should have videoed it because that will never happen again lol


Staci said...

Your layout is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

donna said...

bahahaha! NO I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! I love your layout and I am sure the kids enjoyed that class too.
D xx

scrappymo! said...

Great layout and it was interesting to read what else you have been teaching them.
Even without learning difficulties, many of need a lesson on how to press a pleated skirt!