Thursday, December 20, 2012

Exciting Times

Last weekend Mitchell was part of the local swimming club's team who partitipated in the Queensland State Relay Swimming Championships.  It was held at the Chandler Aquatic Centre in Brisbane and was, by far, the largest swim meet that Mitchell had ever been to.  He was chosen to swim in two different relays - the 4x50m Medley Relay (doing the freestyle leg) and the 4x50m Freestyle Relay.  He performed really well in both races and swam a PB for his leg of the Medley Relay.  He had his own little cheer squad in Tony, Lachlan, Nanny, Poppy, JoJo and myself. 
It is so amazing to see how far he has come in the last twelve months and I am excited to see how much further he can go.  He told me the other morning that one of his goals for the next year or so is to make it to the State Titles for an individual event.  Hopefully, his hard work, focus and dedication in training will continue to be rewarded.  He was a bundle of nerves leading up to both of his swims so of course, that just had to make its way to a layout ;) I have used the latest sketch from Stuck?! Sketches as the basis of the layout - not that it ended up looking like the sketch after I rotated it, left bits out and added other stuff in lol:

Amazingly, at the end of the meet he had the opportunity to have a week long holiday with Nanny and Poppy but he said that he would like to come home so he could go to training - no pushing on anyone's part but totally 100% his own decision. I am so proud of this boy.
S xoxoxox

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