Monday, March 21, 2011

Some kind of Wonderful

My littlest mate really is some kind of wonderful. Don't get me wrong, both boys are wonderful but Lachlan just has a special quality about him that draws people in. Tony often comments that he is sounds like an old man with some of the expressions he comes out with. I don't know about that, but I do know he cracks me up with the funny things he says.
This layout was created for Kerryn's ABC Challenge over at Scrapbook Savvy. The criteria for the challenge were:
  • Create your page/s using a specific letter as your main one word title and include the matching criteria listed below for that letter.
  • Letters: W (writing and white); X (kisses, xanthian - Greek word for yellow)
I think I did ok, although a bit worried about the white - pretty much the only white is on the journal spots and the thin border I left on the photos. I did put the layout on white c/s originally but it just looked blah. I think the green pops better on the black.

Why not follow the links above and check out the challenge for yourself??? What have you got to lose? Nothing and just think, it will be another layout completed for your albums.
Hope everyone has had an ok start to the week. Take care
S xoxo


Mary Pat Siehl said...

your layout is great! your little on is just way too cute! love the smile!

Elisa K said...

Love your layout and I love all the embellishments placed in just the right spots. Thanks for sharing.

donna said...

I love it honey!