Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sleep, Stories and more

Almost every night I check on the boys before I head to bed for the night. Our boys have always shared a bedroom and, despite my calls for separate rooms on those nights where they have their silly heads on, it looks like it will stay that way for a long time to come. Part of me loves that they are so close and are such a comfort for each other but another part of me hates trying to deal with over-tired and cranky boys the morning after the night before. I am sure you all know what I am talking about ;) Anyway, back to the point of all this. Quite often during my nightly checks I will find that one of the boys has moved into the other's bed, all curled up and sound asleep - it pulls at my heartstrings every time. I thought it was about time I recorded this. I have used the sketch from Day 2 of the September challenge over a SFS and also used Lauren Bell's take on the sketch as my inspiration. Not a lot of me in this LO, just a heck of a lot of Lauren lol. Thanks Lauren :-)

Layout Number 2 is based on September 1st's Stuck?! Sketch which also happened to be the Sept 3 challenge at SFS. Did a little rotating of the sketch. I think it works:

Also this weekend, I was lucky enough to have a friend come out and spend some time taking photos of the boys. I took my camera along for the ride. Here are some of my favourites - all unedited - editing will have to wait until the holidays when I have time to work out how to use my new PSE9 program. Mitchell: age 8 3/4Lachlan: age 6 yrs

The boys reciting a little ditty that Dad taught them this morning involving a china man milking a cow the wrong way and getting something on his face. Please tell me I am not the only mother whose children think dirty ditties are the funniest thing going.

Back to work tomorrow. Have had a great weekend with Tony and the boys. Soccer yesterday and celebrating Father's Day today. I don't know who got a bigger kick out of it - Tony or the boys.

Enjoy your week everyone.


Sarah xoxo


Pam said...

How cute! It's so wonderful that your boys are so close. Love your layouts! :-)

Blessed Ladybug said...

very nice love the layouts and the
pictures... Thanks for sharing...

donna said...

wow! those photos of the boys are amazing! lol at your Lauren layout! they are all gorgeous hun!

Rebecca at How I Burb said...

I love both pages - I'm designating them both for scraplifting :). Great job!

raquel said...

love how you rotated the sketch! Looks great :)