Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Winner

Both our boys love to swim.  Being a former swimmer myself, swimming was always going to be a part of our boys' lives.  During the spring/summer months they are in the water almost every single day - be it at the local pool for training/squad lessons or at home splashing about in our pool.  All that time has certainly paid off over the last twelve months or so if the following layout is anything to go by.  Lachlan had a very successful day at the school's swimming carnival last year.  He certainly looks pleased with himself lol.
And some close ups - Thickers, Jillybean Soup Alphabea,s Greatest View Badges (I {love} these things) 
This year's carnival is coming up in a few weeks time and for the first time since either boy started school, I will actually have the chance to spend the entire day at the carnival.  I am very excited! Maybe Lachlan will have another great year ;)
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Heidi said...

Love all the layers behind the photos and the splats of color!