Monday, May 2, 2011

What's doin'???

Wow what a week it has been. Who knew that so much could be crammed into such a small amount of time. Apart from work and the usual everyday happenings, I had the opportunity to scrap with an awesome group of scrappers in real life. OMG talk about WOW ... and then some. I lost count of how many times I said, "When I grow up I wanna scrap just like that."

So who did I scrap with do you ask??? Well, firstly there was Donna White (aka birthday girl), then her cousin, Sarah Ward (aka Savvy owner), Alicia Ransley (aka Shit Hot), Crystal Goulding (aka totally blew my mind with her awesome layouts), Sara Noendeng (from Stuck! sketches), not to mention a few local girls as well. Holy crap can these girls scrap. It is one thing to see their stuff on blog and in forum galleries but they soooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't do the layouts justice.

The other highlight of the weekend was Donna's 40th birthday party. Again, an awesome night and I was lucky enough to meet even more talented scrappers, Lauren Bell and Lisa Kamphuis. Talk about every scrapper's dream being in the same room with these people.

Once all the excitement had worn off it was back to reality. Even though it was a long weekend here in Queensland, it was all stations go on the farm this weekend with cotton picking and sorghum/corn harvest in full swing. At one stage I counted 2 cotton pickers, 3 tractors, 2 headers, 1 spray rig plus a stack of other equipment sitting in front of the shed. After a shocking season in terms of floods, it is finally good to be able to see some of Tony's hard work come to fruition. When you see the header boxes full and cotton modules sitting at the end of the paddocks it makes up for all of the hours (sometimes days) without seeing him worth it.

Anyway, I should get on to the good stuff like some scrapping. While I may not be able to churn out the copious amounts of layouts that everyone did, I am still fairly pleased with the results:
1. My boy lollipop ... excuse the blurry photo (note to self, take another one). Had a few sticker sneezes on this layout but I am pretty happy with the end result. The lyrics to the 'My boy lollipop' were in my head for most of the crop day and miraculously I didn't start singing but I think they fit in perfectly with the photo.
2. Peek-a-boo: a touch of super simplicity for this layout. Not totally loving it but relatively pleased to have another layout in the album.3. Mummy's Little Charmer: again another dodgy photo. It is actually straight and even in real life lol. Stepped up the simplicity a bit compared to the last layout but still simple enough.

4. Fun Times: this was my take on Sar's Blind Scrap over at Savvy except this time I didn't have to follow the instructions, I could lift it from directly across the table (woot woot).
Anyway, bed beckons as it is back to school tomorrow. Cannot believe that we are into Week 2 of Term 2. Where has the year gone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy birthday again Donna.
See you soon.