Thursday, September 24, 2009

During and After ...

... the dust storm.
From the images on tv it was very widespread and left a lot of cleaning up to be done. I took some pics yesterday while I was at my desk and decided this morning to take some after shots as well. What do you think?
Been a bit slow on the scrapping front - only did two layouts and both of those were yesterday/last night. Too busy cleaning up today, taking Mitch to the Dr's about his lymph glands again (yay report was good, no surgical intervention needed, but will always have a lump on his neck - good thing you have to look reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaal close to see it if you don't know about it) and just hanging out with Heather.
This is what I have come up with:
This one is from Father's Day (I did another LO using a pic from the same day which I put in the previous post)Love love love this picture of Mitchell out in the wheat paddock. He was playing with the heads of wheat and looked so sweet and innocent when he looked towards the sky. Growing up wayyyyyyyyyyyy too fast that's for sure.
Hope all of you who are on holidays are enjoying them.
Take care,
Me xoxo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If Only ...

If only this was rain and mist instead of dust:
:-( Looks like all of Tony's planting over the last week or so has been for nothing - the rain that was predicted never eventuated and the hot weather and drying winds took away all of the moisture in the soil that made it all seem so promising just two weeks ago :-( :-( The joys of farming; something I am sure all you farmer's wives out there fully know and understand - all tips for cheering up gratefully appreciated ... well apart from 'that' lol.
I mentioned in my previous post that someone had to have 7 stitches. Guess who it was???
Apparently this is what happens when you forget to move your head lol. Lachie was playing in the bedroom and pulled my IPod dock off the shelf. He came into me in the office very calmly holding one hand over his eye and the other under his chin to collect all the blood (which there was HEAPS of) and said, 'Mummy I forgot to move my head'. No tears, no screaming, just calmness - wonder if that is a sign of things to come later in life - like he is preparing me for all the injuries he is going to sustain considering how rough and ready he is lol. He was such a brave little boy - he had to wait a fair while at the hospital to see a doctor and despite all the pain, poking and prodding he didn't cry once.
Now as promised last night - scrapping to share. Been having a ball with H-er out here to inspire and encourage me to do all of these:
LOL not bad to get this much done considering how much fiddle-farting is going on in this room. Me thinks I need to surf the net less, talk less, procrastinate less and I might actually manage to scrap more hehehe.
I found this LO sitting under a pile of stuff and realised I hadn't shared it yet so thought I would do it now:
Ok I think that it is for the scrap share for now. Just took another pic of the dust storm. This is how much it has come in over the last half hour while I have been working on this post, making phone calls and doing other stuff:
Unbelievable. Not looking forward to cleaning up after this. I have got pretty much all of the house closed up but the dust is so fine that it is still coming in. Anyone know a good cleaning lady???
Ciao for now
Me xoxoxox

Holiday Fun ...

The school holidays are finally here and phew thank goodness for that - they couldn't arrive quick enough. The last three months have been nightmarish to say the least -
  • three bouts of chicken pox,
  • the normal winter colds,
  • one badly infected lymph gland - suspected abscess - lots of visits to the local hospital and usual GP at all hours (still undergoing medical observations for that one but has already meant one painful ultrasound to the neck while the infection was badly inflamed as well as three extra long courses of antibiotics),
  • one head knock which required seven stitches
  • not to mention both Tony and I working full-time minus any family support as we have no direct/close family nearby - closest lot are two hours away.

But all of that can almost be forgotten now that school holidays are here - no routines to follow, no mad rush each morning to get out the door to do the school and day-care run before facing all the dramas that are supposedly a 'normal' part of the life of a high-school teacher.

I am totally loving the break these holidays have brought. My sister is home (staying at my parents place) for the first time since Easter but these holidays will be the first time I have seen her since January- the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other - lol Telstra might go broke in the next two weeks because they won't be making quite so much money from our marathon phone calls hehe hehe. We have also been lucky enough to have a very special family call in for a few days this week - Heather and family are here yay cheer yay cheer!!! The weather has been boiling hot so that means the pool has been getting a fair workout and with just over 6000 acres on the farm, there is lots of exploring for the kids to do on their bikes. Of course, what is a visit from Heather without some scrapping involved. I feel like I am on a scrapping roll - so far I have completed 4 single LO's and 1 double LO - not bad considering all the interruptions for photo opportunities, supervising the younger kids in the pool, feeding the hungry herds at meal times and, of course lots of chatting and net surfing with Heather.

Haven't taken any pics of the LO yet but will do in the morning when the sun comes up. Will also have a go at putting up a few picks of the kids' holiday adventures.

Ciao for now,

Me xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pout ...

... why do all the good things have to come to an end quicker than we want them to?
This time last week I was still on a high (albeit a tired high) after spending 4 fun-filled days of scrapping, shopping and chatting with my two girls - Beck and Heather. I am still trying to work out how on earth we crammed so much into 4 short days. We started off with a visit to Photo Continental (love love love that place) where I treated myself to some new scrap and camera goodies. Have to admit that I am ashamed at the fact that I can't remember all the scrap stuff I bought - and I bought a fair bit o: - but I DEFINITELY remember the new camera stuff - external flash, spare battery AND AND AND a JILL.E Bag. It is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-LISH. Will have to take some pics soon for you to drool over.
The rest of the weekend passed by in a scrapping and shopping blur - spent up big (my excuse was that it was my first big spend-up since going to Beck's in January hehe) but got lots of stuff which I have used on these:
And since coming home, I have completed these:

Pretty impressed with them all - some more than others but hey, it is 9 more layouts for the albums. Seriously think I need another scrap-fest with the girls to keep the mojo flowing. Miss you girls heaps and lots and much.

Chow for now xoxoxo